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What is the EGIS Resource Centre
Posted by Andrew Aitken on 21 September 2011 02:42 PM

The aim of the Resource Centre is to provide students with an informal study area for group work and access to more specialised/vocational materials which are not available in the Main Library

It comprises a 35-seat centrally managed desktop computer suite, 30 School-managed computers with dedicated software, and an enlarged study/reference area.

Material provided in the Resource Centre is for reference use only. The School Resource Centre is on the top floor of the Chadwick building, EC2.04 - EC2.06.


IT Facilities

The Resource Centre has 30 School computers with Microsoft Office and specialist software; - a full list is available in the Resource Centre.

One of the University Desktop labs is located in EC2.04 and there are others throughout the campus.

 Online Databases

The School subscribes to the following databases - passwords are available from the Resource Centre.

  • Info4Education (Technical Indexes Construction Information Service)
  • BCIS Online
  • Estates Gazette interactive (EGi)
  • CoStar Suite
  • i-surv
  • RUDI.Net

 In addition, the Resource Centre provides the following paper-based services:

  • relevant journals
  • PRICE BOOKS Spons- Architects, Civils, Mechanical & Electrical, Landscape, Wessex Major Works Minor Works and SMM7
  • NBS BINDER SUBSCRIPTION A paper-based version of National Building Specification (NBS) is available for reference use.



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